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  • Noches Musicales: Back to Our Roots

    Noches Musicales: Back to Our Roots

    This Friday at Noches Musicales, Texas Roots Revival -- a local favourite! -- will be taking the stage. The band began in 2015, and since then the band's been working with a traditional country feeling with a little rock-and-roll grit to taste! This four-man band features JP Rodriguez on bass and backup harmonies, Wesley Robinson on lead guitar, Scott Nebel on drums, and Peter Herrera on rhythm guitar (as well as the mic!)  In fact, Scott and Peter worked together in their younger days in a heavy rock band called Never Was....

    Come to the Casa de la Cultura this Friday at 8:30PM to sit down and enjoy Texas Roots Revival's alternative/Americana/country roots music, lasting until 11PM as the night cools down and food vendors feast!

    Photo [c] Gilberto Alba Diaz