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  • Noches Musicales Recap

    Noches Musicales Recap

    July is over and we've clipped right into August, but Noches Musicales still has two more concerts to put on! Over the course of July Noches Musicales hosted four bands -- Texas Roots Revival, The Family Jewelz, That Was Then, and La Quimica! The Mooncaps opened the month of August for Noches, which leaves the Southern Exposure Band to perform on August 10, and the band Los Texmaniacs will be the season finale of the 2018 Noches Musicales Summer Concert Series!

    Keep an eye out for information regarding this coming concert's dates, times, and information on vendors & band members! August 10, from 8:30-11PM, come to the Casa de la Cultura to see the Southern Exposure Band.